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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Why social media?

Social Media is everywhere and it is important to almost every business’ marketing plan. It requires a person or a group of people to dedicate enough time to make it work. So, how do you get started?

Choosing Social Media Channels

Choosing the right social media channels for your business takes some thinking, not much, but just enough.  Asking you a few questions about your goals, audience, target market, and mindset will help us work with you to help you make the right choices. Things to consider:

  • Do you use a lot of pictures and visuals?
  • Does your brand have a specific feeling or image you want to portray?
  • Do you host events/promotions?
  • Do you post regular job postings?

Most businesses benefit from utilizing more than one, if not close to all channels of social media available to them. It just depends on the content you want to post for your followers.

We are constantly researching and learning more about how we can help you use social media to drive traffic to your website, create the highest visibility, ROI, and create a useful resource for your customers.

Facebook: Mr. Popular

The top social media site out there, Facebook helps us reach customers on a more informative and almost more personal level. Facebook is another way for potential customers to research your company and land on your website. Traffic helps the bottom line, and Facebook helps get you more traffic. Facebook is also there to help keep potential and current customers informed. This powerful social media site has over 1 billion users. And the more ‘Likes’ you get the better!

Pinterest: All Visual

One of the less intimate forms of social media, Pinterest consists of users creating ‘Pin Boards’ on their profile of whatever their heart desires. Repinning pins and commenting on pins is the extent of social interaction on Pinterest and Pinterest users are there for that reason: to get the information and use it, not ‘converse’ and debate over it with other Pinners. Pinterest is great for putting helpful and informative information from your company personally- called original content. You also have the option to re-pin others’ pins. Pinterest is a mecca for DIY, recipes, ideas, the possibilities are endless and that is why Pinterest is useful for businesses.

LinkedIn: The Professional

The most professional of the social media channels, LinkedIn is a place for users to job search, build an online resume and build a professional network all in one place. For business, LinkedIn can help reach colleagues in the industry, reach potential employees, and provide another source of information for people looking into your company. LinkedIn gives you the ability to build a company page, give information about your company as well as list job postings, products and services you sell, and more.

Google Plus: The Informer

A newer social media channel that is up and coming, Google Plus uses Circles and interests to channel information to the right audience. Users are able to post onto Google Plus and it reaches other users that have the same interests and also those who are in your Circles.

Twitter: The Chatter Box

Constant status updates and fast information. When something major happens, people tweet about it… immediately. It’s the fastest changing social media channel of them all. I say that because it’s like updating your status almost constantly throughout the day. It’s useful for your business because it allows you to interact by tweeting daily deals, create hype for an upcoming event, followers can tweet you and re-tweet your tweets. #Hashtags are also a big marketing tool, especially on Twitter.

Confused yet?  No need to be!  Contact us and we will guide you through this exciting and important part of your overall marketing plan.