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PWS?  Are you a sufferer?  What is it?

Post Website Syndrome.

Being webfocused solves your marketing puzzle.

You did it!  You built the website. You went through all of the planning, meetings, finding content, lived through wireframes, graphic design, learned everything about the content management system, the search engine optimization, analytics. You were excited, that was it!  Online business solved!  Then, PWS set in. The website is not working as you thought it would. You don’t have time to do everything it takes to maintain the site and effectively manage online marketing demands. PWS is getting worse. You call ‘someone.’

Today, business and marketing require comprehensive solutions to strengthen your brand, message and marketing strategy. We do this by creating a centralized ‘hub’ and distributing resources to guide your audience to your core message.  Having a strong approach to your online marketing covering content, SEO, social media, and analytics is imperative!


Developing a Web-Focused Plan is Your Next Step

Approaching your website and today’s marketing demands from a ‘web-focused’ standpoint is about developing the strategy that allows you to use all of your marketing assets – including your website (the largest asset) to act as your sales team and be “open for business 24×7” within your online location.

By taking your business’ financial, operations, and sales & marketing processes into consideration, we help you determine the touch points your customers engage in with your business. We help you align these points with your online presence and advertising (both online and traditional) to help you obtain a higher ROI from your site.


Benefits of Web-Focused Marketing

Brand Awareness

Blogs, social media and SEO have become increasingly more popular in mass marketing. More and more people utilize mobile devices and tablets and change continues in the online world daily. Being web focused keeps your brand identity fresh with today’s mobile market. You need to be part of the online conversation as an authority in your area(s) of expertise that is able to lead a visitor through all aspects of your services and sales funnels.


Lead Generation/Conversion

• Increased brand awareness via content creation, search engines, and participation in social media.
• Capture leads with attractive offers and effective landing pages.
• Convert leads to customers with lead nurturing campaigns and sales force automation.
• Analyze results, adjusting strategy and content, and applying best practices.

Lower Marketing Costs (per Lead)

Why? Because web-focused marketing builds relationships online. Attracting customers online, giving them good content, makes them followers and ultimately brings them to you for conversion to being your client or customer.


Webfocused Marketing Saves You Effort and Time

Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution. To accomplish all of the tasks for effective web-focused marketing, you would need to hire a marketing strategist, a content writer, a web developer, SEO expert, and a graphic designer.


We Help You Maintain and Keep Your Website ‘Fresh’

• Maintaining code (programming language) and updates to your site and components.
• Updating or offering new (fresh) content or landing pages to coordinate with marketing campaigns.
• Making sure keywords/phrases are what get you found online.
• Discovering potential niches for services for which a visitor may be looking.

Marketing is Changing – We help you survive while you make the change and avoid PWS (post-website syndrome).  It can be easy to manage today’s marketing strategies and see results.